Auto and Auto Parts Liability Recalls

Americans depend on their automobiles for almost all of their needs. Our cars and trucks get us to work, to the grocery store, to the doctor, and nearly everywhere else we need to go. We spend vast amounts of money to keep our cars insured, fueled, and running smoothly. Unfortunately, sometimes our cars do not work the way they should because of a faulty or defective part. Besides causing cars to break down, defective parts can cause car accidents resulting in injuries or even death. Auto manufacturers recall their vehicles when they identify a problem, but accidents and injuries still occur. The manufacturer could be liable if a defect caused an accident. A Florida auto accident attorney can help you assess damages and assert your rights.

Automobile Recalls

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has nationwide authority to monitor automobile safety and require manufacturers to recall automobiles with defects that affect safety. It puts out a set of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards establishing guidelines for manufacturers. The NHTSA has served in this role since Congress passed a comprehensive motor vehicle safety law in 1966. Since that time, the NHTSA says that it has recalled more than 390 million vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and buses, in order to correct safety defects. It has also recalled millions of tires, motors, baby seats, and other auto parts in that time. Auto manufacturers typically cover the cost of repairs for vehicles under recall for a specific period of time after the recall is issued. People who suffer injury because of an automobile or auto part under recall may also pursue compensation from a manufacturer in court.

Accidents Caused by Defective Automobiles and Auto Parts

Defects in a vehicle’s design or assembly, as well as defects or faults in individual parts, can cause a vehicle to function improperly. In turn, this can cause accidents ranging from minor to catastrophic. Defects in a vehicle’s engine could cause a car to stall or lose control while driving, which can endanger both the occupants of the vehicle and others on the road. Tire defects can cause a car to lose control or roll over. Fuel tanks and fuel lines may catch fire if the systems do not function correctly. A fire can cause tremendous damage to a vehicle and can cause an accident or turn a minor accident into a disastrous one. Accidents caused by faulty or defective automobiles and auto parts can cause serious injuries, including burns, broken bones, brain or spinal cord injuries, other disabling injuries, or death.

Liability for Faulty or Defective Products

An auto manufacturer or dealer may be liable for injuries caused by faulty or defective products. The law identifies three general kinds of defects. A design defect refers to a flaw in the plans or designs for a vehicle or part that renders it entirely unfit for its intended use. A manufacturing defect refers to an error during the production or assembly of a vehicle or part that prevents it from functioning as it should. A marketing defect involves a product advertised for an improper and potentially dangerous use. Manufacturers are liable for injuries and other damages caused by defects that they know or should know about.

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